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Hydrotherapy is ideal for dogs who need to loose weight, improve condition, to increase flexibility of damaged joints and to stimulate muscle growth. Hydrotherapy is excellent for arthritis pain management at rehabilitation after surgery and weight loss.

Hydrotherapy is suitable for a wide range of conditions including

According to WebMD, the practice of colon hydrotherapy started in ancient Greece to clean out the colon. The theory is the body holds onto waste, which can lead to a variety of unwanted health issues. Colon cleansing can help. it to be an excellent way to get rid of unwanted toxins and improve the function of the large intestine. As a result, there may be numerous benefits to the body.

Some benefits of colon hydrotherapy
While these are possible reported benefits, the results of treatment can vary per patient. Research is still being conducted on this treatment method to understand the full effects and benefits of it.

Improves concentration and energy
What people eat affects their body and mental health. If the intestines are unable to absorb crucial vitamins and minerals, your concentration can be lower. A poor diet also leads to lower energy levels. Colon hydrotherapy cleans out the body and allows the right nutrients to be absorbed. This will benefit the body, which may result in better clarity and more energy.

Contributes to better digestion
When waste products remain in the body, constipation often occurs. This obviously impairs normal digestion. A colon cleanse clears out this waste and anything else affecting digestion. It also improves the peristalsis movement and muscle tone of the intestine. With these improvements, it moves waste easier.

Supports beneficial gut flora for colon health
Everyone’s body needs good bacteria, or gut flora, to function in a healthy matter. Unfortunately, people who eat an unhealthy diet and rarely exercise tend to have more bad bacteria than the good kind. Over time, this can damage the lining of the colon and lead to fatigue and certain health conditions. Colon hydrotherapy flushes out the bad bacteria and allows the beneficial gut flora to thrive and bring a healthy balance back to the body.

Encourages detoxification
The body can detoxify, but bad lifestyle habits and environmental chemicals can overload the system. This makes it difficult to get rid of all the toxins. Colon cleansing can assist the body in flushing out harmful substances, such as toxins, parasites, gas, mucus and dead cells.

Helps with weight loss
Colon hydrotherapy can assist with weight loss because it flushes unwanted material from the intestines. If you want long-term loss, a cleanse allows you to start fresh and eat higher-quality food , such as high-fiber items that fill you up and go through the digestive system quicker. The good bacteria that was mentioned earlier also helps energy levels, encouraging you to be more active at .

Prepares for a colonoscopy
A colonoscopy is a diagnostic test that your doctor will recommend upon reaching a set age. It helps to identify the cause of stomach pain,intestinal bleeding and bowel movement changes. Most importantly, a colonoscopy can identify cancer.

Vitality Magazine states that getting colon hydrotherapy before this procedure can be a gentle alternative to the harsh chemical laxatives that you would normally take before a colonoscopy. Of course, this will depend on guidance from your doctor.

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